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5 Essential Tips for Getting Your AC Ready for Summer

Get Your AC Ready (Stress-Free!)

Look, Long Island summers are brutal. Between the heat and humidity, if your AC isn’t in good shape, it’s going to feel like your house is trying to sweat you out. Let's get that thing prepped for summer to keep your home an oasis!

The DIY Checklist

1. Filter Swap: Your AC's Power-Up Think of your air filter like the lungs of your AC. Clogged up with dust and dirt? That's making your AC work way too hard.  During a Kintech AC maintenance visit, we'll replace or clean your filter for you (central AC gets replaced + ductless mini-splits get cleaned), but it never hurts to give it a check every couple of months.  Especially if you have furry friends or tend to get a lot of dust in your house, you might want a fresh filter more often.  You'll breathe easier, and your AC will thank you. Remember, always turn off the power first before checking and replacing.

2. Give Your AC Some Elbow Room Your AC's outdoor unit needs space to breathe!  All those leaves, weeds, and anything else that snuck up on it are blocking airflow and making your AC work way harder than it should. Clear a good two-foot space all around, giving it some much-needed breathing room.  Don't forget to always power down before you get up close.

3. Give Your AC a Summertime Shower (But Hold the High Pressure) All that dust and grime that builds up isn't doing it any favors.  A gentle rinse with your garden hose can perk it right up.  But remember, the insides are delicate!  Avoid spraying directly into the center of the unit or at any wires.  Power off is a must, of course! A springtime hose-down is a great way to clear out any leftover winter debris and get your AC ready for the warmer months.

4. Keep the Cool Flowing Nobody wants a stuffy, unevenly cooled house.  Blocked vents are like putting up roadblocks for your cool air –  it's gotta go with the flow! Take a quick walk around and make sure those vents are open and nothing's in their way.  While you're at it, feel the airflow at each vent. If it's barely there or feels kinda warm, something bigger might be going on, and that's when you give Kintech a call. Tip: Dusty vents?  A quick vacuum keeps that dust from circulating and helps your AC breathe easier.

5. Thermostat Check-Up One day it's sweltering, the next there's a chilly breeze... Long Island weather loves to keep us guessing. Don't let it mess with your indoor comfort! A quick thermostat check makes sure it's responding the way it should, keeping you comfortable no matter what the forecast throws your way.  Turn your thermostat temperature down a bit to kick on the AC and test if it’s working properly. If something isn’t working, don't sweat it (literally!) – that's a sign to call Kintech before the AC season is in full swing.

Why a Professional AC Maintenance Matters

Leave the Worrying to Us: Why a Kintech Maintenance is Worth It

Sure, you can tackle some basic AC prep yourself, but your air conditioner is a complex system.  That's where Kintech's trained technicians come in!  Our AC maintenance is like a deep dive into your cooling system, ensuring everything is operating smoothly and efficiently. Here's what we do:

  • Filter Replacement/Cleaning: For central AC, we provide new filters fit specifically for the type and size of your system. Ductless mini-splits are removable, cleanable filters, so we'll give it a thorough wash so it captures dust and allergens effectively.

  • Thorough Electrical Inspection: Our technicians have a keen eye for detail. They'll meticulously examine all your AC's electrical components, looking for any loose wires, corrosion, or potential problems that could lead to bigger issues down the road.

  • Motor Lubrication (if applicable): Just like your car needs oil changes, some AC motors benefit from lubrication. Our technicians know exactly which parts need attention and will use the appropriate lubricants to keep your unit running smoothly and quietly.

  • Refrigerant Check: The refrigerant level is crucial for your AC's performance. We'll measure the refrigerant level and add more if needed to ensure optimal cooling and avoid efficiency problems.

  • Drain Line Check: A clogged drain line can lead to leaks and water damage. We'll clean your drain line and make sure it's flowing freely to prevent any summertime surprises.

  • System Startup and Inspection: Once everything is checked and serviced, we'll fire up your AC, inspect its operation and ensure your cool air is flowing perfectly throughout your home.

Think of this as an annual physical for your AC.  We take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy cool, comfortable summers.  Peace of mind and peak performance – that's the Kintech difference!

Beat the Heat with Kintech...and Never Sweat AC Maintenance Again!

Don't let the Long Island summer catch you off guard.

By combining these simple DIY tips with the power of a Kintech AC maintenance visit, you'll enjoy reliable cooling, improved efficiency, and peace of mind all season long.

Want to make AC care a total breeze?

Ask about our Kintech Membership Packages

We'll track your maintenance schedule and reach out when it's time for your next tune-up, plus you'll enjoy exclusive perks and discounts. Contact us today to get signed up!


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